About Education Station

Schedule: Monday–Friday: 6:00am–6:00pm

Every day we offer breakfast, morning snack, lunch, and an afternoon snack. The only exception is in our infant room where they are fed on demand.

The daily schedule varies from room to room. There will be a schedule for the classroom posted on the wall. There will also be weekly lesson plan posted in each room as well.

Child Release Policy

The children will never be released to anyone without prior approval from the parents. We will always ask to see identification. So, please let whoever is picking up your child to bring their identification because it will be verified. We will also make sure that the person picking up is on the child’s information card. Please remember to update the information card so we know who is allowed to pick up your child.

Staff Qualifications

Our exceptional staff at Education Station have met and in most cases exceeded the State of Michigan qualifications. Everyone at Education Station must do at least 12 hours of annual training. This helps them keep up on the childcare industry.

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